Electronic Conveyancing

Since we launched Duties Online, our customers have been steadily transitioning to online duty transactions, with close to 100% of all Victorian land transfers now settled, including duty paid, electronically.

In the process we’ve significantly reduced red tape, lowered administration costs and improved electronic settlement completion rates.

Two years ago, Land Use Victoria, announced a phased timetable for the conveyancing industry to transition to full electronic conveyancing, with very limited exceptions, by 1 August 2019. We have supported Land Use Victoria by ensuring the capability to maximise digital availability of electronic transactions for property transfers.

On 17 June 2019, we launched an enhanced version of Duties Online enabling customers to settle and lodge complex land transfer transactions online as smoothly as for all other transactions. This involved a significant system upgrade and enhancements to enable complex assessments to be assessed electronically before settlement.

We also supported the conveyancing industry as it moved to full electronic conveyancing by:

Work to further reduce customer data entry and bring ongoing benefits to our customers will occur in 2019-20.