Commercial Passenger Vehicles

We played a significant role in administering broader reform for the commercial passenger vehicle industry to ensure all members, including rideshare services, operate under an aligned set of rules.

This year, in its first year of operation, we collected $48.4 million from the commercial passenger vehicle service levy.

As part of the levy’s implementation, we undertook an extensive campaign to increase awareness and understanding of the levy with key stakeholders, including peak bodies, companies and the many individuals working within the commercial passenger vehicle industry.

These key stakeholders were also involved in developing and testing our online registration and payment platform, which enables commercial passenger vehicle services to register, lodge their quarterly returns and pay the levy.

Involving customers in developing and testing our online platforms is integral to our work and was particularly important here because of the industry’s complexity and all the variables within it.

In tandem, we developed extensive content on our website, conducted sessions at Melbourne Airport, and travelled the state to visit regional drivers and operators.